Green Screen Filming

Stand out from the Crowd with the power of Green Screen 

Why use a Green Screen for my video production?

In the busy world of video content, it has become increasingly important that your videos stand out. Whether you are producing a series of training videos, a homepage video, or case study video, green screen videos can be a simple and inexpensive way of taking your video content to the next level.

With a green screen at your disposal, who needs an elaborate setting or perfect weather conditions? Green screen allows you to have ultimate control over your video as the background image can be adapted to suit your needs. From a virtual studio to a plain white background. 

You can use one of our presenters or, you can come to us at our Professional Green Screen studio at Rayleigh, Essex or we can come to you using our extremely portable green screen studio. 

It’s quick, easy, and affordable.

How it Works

Using a green screen for filming in a studio gives you the flexibility of transporting yourself to any location with a customisable digital backdrop. 

Filming with a green screen employs the technique of Color or Chroma Keying, which basically allows you to drop in any background image you want behind your subject. The term chromakey comes from the process of isolating the color green and using computer software to make anything that is green invisible or transparent. Since anything green is now see-through, the key allows for another image to show up in those green areas. 

The term ‘green screen’ was adapted because green was one of the least popular colours worn by personalities on set and thus green was chosen so that the personalities wouldn’t blend in with the background. In some productions that may require green subjects or objects to be seen, blue is used instead. 

It is commonly used in tv weather broadcasts.  In the case of weather broadcasts, they choose to put weather graphics in that slot, but any image can be transposed.

Green screen video production allows a whole load of creative options to explore in the editing stage; almost anything is possible. There are limitless creative possibilities using Green Screen Filming so please get in touch with us to discuss all the possible options.

How can your Business use our Green Screen Studio Services ?

  • Event Live Streaming
  • Corporate Videos
  • Virtual Studios
  • Small Business Video Production
  • Training Videos
  • Talking Head Videos
  • Product Demonstrations

Wikipedia gives a more in depth explanation if you would to learn more

Some Examples

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