Live Event Streaming

End-to-end live streaming services designed to make your life easier. Forget about the technical headache, we have you covered!

Live streaming has become a popular way for businesses to connect with their audience, share information and promote their products or services. However, organising a live stream can be a daunting task, especially for those who are new to the world of live streaming. That’s where we can help. We specialise in making live streaming easy and hassle-free.

Here are some of the ways our business can make your live streaming experience a breeze.

Customisable solutions

We understand that every business has unique needs when it comes to live streaming. That’s why we offer customisable solutions that are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need a single-camera setup or a multi-camera setup, we can provide a solution that works for you. Additionally, we can incorporate branding elements into your live stream, such as logos, graphics, and colours, to ensure that your stream represents your business in the best possible light.

Stream to multiple platforms

We can help you reach a wider audience by streaming your content to multiple platforms simultaneously. Whether you want to stream to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or some other platform, we can help you do it. This means that you can reach more people and increase your chances of success.

Post-stream analytics

After your live stream has ended, we can provide you with detailed analytics to help you understand how your stream performed. This includes information such as the number of viewers, engagement rates, and viewer demographics. This information can be valuable for future marketing efforts and can help you improve your live streams in the future.

Experienced team

Our team consists of experienced professionals who have been working in the live streaming industry for many years. We understand the challenges that can arise during a live stream and we know how to handle them effectively. Whether it’s technical issues, unexpected interruptions, or other challenges, we have the expertise to keep your stream running smoothly and ensure that your audience stays engaged.

Live streaming your event, conference, meeting or presentation has never been more relevant.

Our professional live streaming service can be as simple as just single camera, or can be scaled up include up to 4 cameras, powerpoint slide integration audio mixing, Q&A, audience feedback, zoom feeds, MS Teams, live interactive polling and more.

Why go Live with your event?

Through live streaming or webcasting, you have the potential to reach anyone remotely, all a participant needs is access to the internet. Events and keynote presentations take much time, effort & expenditure, so it is worth capturing your event or business conference for training employees or sub-contractors, everyone can receive the information at the same time while saving costs. We offer single camera shoots to multi cam live switching and recording for quick distribution.

Internal Communications

Award Ceremonies


Training Events


  • Engages your company more deeply in social media community.
  • Wider audiences, widen your access to information and events.
  • Reduces costs associated with travelling, hotels, meals, etc.
  • Opens the doors to online engagement & conversations.
  • Live events get higher response rates.
  • Live events let you try out new ideas.
  • Multiple cameras provide dynamic story telling.
  • Stream analytics

Events to use live video


Site visit | 1/2 Day

  • Single Static Camera
  • Live stream to your Social media channel
  • Operator
  • Audio Capture


Planning | Site Visit | 1 Day | Edit

  • 3 HD Cameras
  • Vision Mixer
  • Recorded Video
  • Operators
  • P.A. Equipment
  • Microphones
  • Post-event editing


Planning | Site Visit | Social Media | Edit

  • Multi Camera
  • Vision Mixer
  • Recorded Video
  • Lighting
  • Zoom integration
  • Live Polling
  • Post-event editing
  • Onscreen Titles
  • Count Down timers
  • Stream analytics

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