Video Editing

Where all of the elements get edited together and combined to create the final video.

Post Production

Once all the footage is captured we’ll get to work on the edit, reviewing the footage for the best content and crafting the footage into a coherent narrative. During this Post-Production phase, music and graphics can be added to enhance the final product. Also the approval process happens at this stage where adjustments can be made.

Our video production team will handle all the nuts and bolts of making your project come to life. So, just sit tight and wait for the magic to happen. With all creative things, this process can take time. Every production will have different timelines for the post-production phase, but you can plan for it to take approximately 2-6 weeks unless you’ve discussed a fast turn around plan with us.

Colour Correction

Color correction is the process where we adjust the footage to match to a consistent standard of appearance. Basically, correcting problems in the image by balancing out the colours, making the whites appear white, the blacks appear black, and making sure that everything is even between scenes. The aim is to match the video footage to a standard that would be an accurate portrayal of how your eye would view it.

Colour Grading

The colour grade is where you manipulate colour in creative and artistic ways that dramatically affect the mood and look of a scene, making it an incredibly powerful part of the storytelling process.

Professional Audio

We use professional tools for recording your voiceovers or soundtrack. Editing, mixing, dialog replacement, sound clean up and repair, equalisation, dynamics processing, and mastering soundtracks are everything we can help with.


If you require standard subtitles or closed captions to be added as Burn-in or as separate files we can help you. Read more about the benefits of subtitles here…

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