Cooking videos with The Kitchen Draw

A few months back SilverIslandTv, had the pleasure of producing some cooking videos for The Kitchen Draw. The experience was nothing short of amazing! The video was a true showcase of the incredible culinary talents of Rich from Bites and Beats London and the top presenting skills of Max from The Kitchen Draw

Max a friendly Kiwi and owner of The Kitchen Draw. He brings real enthusiasm and inspiration to any kitchen with his weekly online competitions for kitchenware. Weekly draws take place and close at 6pm every Tuesday.  Recommend having a look at the website

From the start of production it was clear that Max is passionate about what he does. Running these competitions for high-end kitchen equipment and, of course, cooking, are his passion. We were thrilled to be a part of bringing these delicious creations and kitchenware to life on screen.

We have to say, as a production company, we were impressed with how well Max and Rich were prepared. Max had a very clear strategy of what he wanted from the video. These guys translated their presenting skills and expertise to the screen exceptionally well. And were incredibly natural and engaging on camera. (Would hire them as presenters any time.)

The result was a video that is not only informative and educational, but also fun and entertaining to watch. We believe this video will be a valuable resource for anyone looking for inspiration in the kitchen.

As with most of our clients we work with, working with The Kitchen Draw has been a collaborative process. We were pleased to help bring their business vision to life. 

We are excited to continue our partnership with The Kitchen Draw. We look forward to producing more cooking videos or content for them in the future. Can’t wait to see what other amazing creations The Kitchen Draw has in store soon.

Behind the Scenes

Watch Max running the prise draw

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Max from the Kitchen Draw

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