How much will a video cost?

Pre-Production and Video costs discussed

As mentioned in the FAQ’s there are three important factors to consider.

1. The Time – The more time that is spent in pre-production planning, scripting, location scouting, shooting, special effects and editing the better the final product will be. Having more people to the production team will increases the total time spent on the filming project. More people, more time = higher cost. Best idea is to “Keep it Simple”

2. The Talent – The better and more professional the talent working on the project, the better the production will be whatever the film, video or online production may be. As with most things in life, talented and experienced people tend to cost more.

3. The Tools – You can produce a great video from your mobile phone. Or you can use a high-end HD video camera with a professional lighting and sophisticated post production & motion graphics. Professionals who know how to use them and can, add cost.

Production types pros, cons & uses.

Amateur – The Do-It-Yourself method.

Inexpensive & easy.
Results look cheap, poor audio quality, this can erode your brand.
Use for personal blog material.
£0 – £100

Professional – Pro Team & Tools

High Quality Video and Audio.
May not be exceptional enough to stand out from the crowd.
Testimonials, Training, Case studies & Recruitment videos.
£800 – £5000

Premium Professional – Exceptional production top Talent & Team, including high end equipment, lighting, motion graphics, story boards, story telling & studio work.

Stand up and be noticed piece, goes viral, gets awards.
Cost may be beyond your requirements.
Used for Tv advertising & High end recruitment videos.

Selecting your Budget

Before you start off with a production you will need to clarify what you want to accomplish with your video and determine the resources you are going to need or have available to you. Do you have an engaging or humorous story to tell?  Do you want to build your brand? Attract new clients or recruit new staff?

For these types of tasks, you’ll typically need premium professional production team to get a satisfying end product.  If your company has sufficient resources and wishes to compete at the highest level, a top studio production will tell your story with unparalleled style and class.

If you are simply conveying information to an interested audience, the professional level is often sufficient without sacrificing quality and credibility.

Smaller establishments or independent traders with limited budgets may have to accept lower production values, but even at these levels video can provide real impact.

As you decide about your video needs, be realistic about your expectations and keep focused on your requirements.  Do not expect to pay amateur rate and get a slick professional product.
SilverIslandTv offer Professional and Premium Professional productions. We occasionally have special production offers and discounts. Let’s see what we can do for you.