Recording to a Sound Devices MixPre-6

The Importance of Audio Quality

The importance of being clear.

Is the audio quality of Video so important? Well you might think not, but when the audio is poor, everybody notices. Most just assume that your video content is sub standard as well. Repairing poor audio is expensive if not impossible to fix. The importance of high audio quality is so important in videos, it makes the visuals better.

So if using DSLR Cameras for video, remember to plug in a high quality microphone like the inexpensive on-camera RØDE VideoMic or the RØDE Shotgun mic. It doesn’t matter how good your microphone is, put it in the wrong place and you might as well have used tins and string. Use good cabling, get as close to the subject or sound source as possible and for best results use a dedicated sound man and recorder.

SilverIslandTv Audio Team.