Audio branding in your video

Watching your football team win a challenging match or your child’s face as they open the gift they always wanted. Emotions are powerful motivators, “buying on how we feel” or you could say we buy feelings.

Feelings come from what we see and hear, so adding a unique audio sound or jingle to your video would be the perfect memory or purchasing trigger.¬†SilverIslandTV have partnered with TS3 Audio Branding¬†to offer you a little extra…

Few words for TS3 audio branding specialists. 

Use the power of music and sound to project your clients’ personality and heartbeat to the world.
Through a clear Audio Brand Strategy that enhances brand and marketing initiatives, they create audio branding and audio signatures that project the personality of a business at key customer touch points. This triggers and drives recognition of brand, products/services and messages, which in turn increases propensity to buy.