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5 Reasons To Subtitle Your Videos

“Subtitles can help improve the clarity and inclusivity of your message.”

Metrics that matter. In this age, “Reach” is a metric. Not how many people you actually reached, by some inflated number that looks great but means little. But how many actually stoped to watch your video for longer than a few seconds?

Subtitle Examples

Subtitles aren’t always the first thing you think about adding to your videos. But here are a few good reasons to consider adding subtitles or closed captions to your videos. Here are 5 reasons to subtitle your videos, if fact 6 reasons.

  1. Those with Hearing impairment. If your video has dialogue, people who suffer impaired hearing will not understand unless you add subtitles. It’s worth the effort, considering you want to maximise your reach.
  1. People watch videos in public. Some like watching videos when they are on public transport, or at night. Many choose to watch with the sound off so as no to disturbing those around them. Closed captions or subtitles are the perfect way for them to understand the message.
  1. Muted videos. Some social platforms have the audio muted by default. So your video may be playing, and no one is listening. Here again using subtitles will help visually deliver your message.
  1. Accessible for non-native speakers. A large portion of viewers are made up of people whose first language is not English. For many, being able to hear and read subtitles will get your message across with more clarity.
  1. Engagement and ROI. These are two of the main metrics you have to measure when you assess a visual marketing campaign. It all depend on your audience spending more than one or two seconds on your video. Subtitles may help you in this area.

Platforms you would use subtitles on

Linkedin – Youtube – Instagram – Facebook

Where you can get subtitles created

Zubtitle or YouTube

Subtitle formats we can supply

SRT (.srt fiels), WebVTT (.vtt) or Burn-in to Video

If you need some assistance or would like the subtitles in another language, burnt-in to your video or like them in a diffrent fronts or colours. Get in touch.

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