Talking heads video production

What is a talking head Video?

Talking heads video production is a key component of many videos see today. Talking Head videos are frequently used in television, video production, by YouTubers and vlogs. A talking head video is where someone looks and speaks direct to camera. In doing so the presenter established a one-to-one connection with the audience. It may include a mission statement from your CEO, contributions from your staff, or even testimonial videos from your clients.

Today a video of just one person talking to camera captured with a single camera from a static perspective, without supporting footage really isn’t dynamic enough to engage a web audience today. In his article, “Talking-Head Video Is Boring Online,” Jakob Nielsen reminds us that television invites “passive engagement,” but the Internet is a “sit forward” medium. people watching video online are easily distracted.

Spice up Talking to Camera

  • Use two cameras
  • Combine with B-roll footage
  • Use Close-up shots

  • Vary the Focus
  • Use multiple speakers

Use two cameras:
Shooting with two cameras is the first step for creating more dynamic content. By alternating position on your subject, your viewer is less likely to lose interest. In addition, using a third mobile camera gives you the option to integrate more creative filming.

Vary your shot:
In many talking-head videos, the distance between the camera and subject never changes. Switching from tight shots to wider one improves the pacing of your video and allows you to emphasise important statements.

Tilting & Pan:
Adding these simple techniques as you film lets you accentuate transitions and segues. Plus, doing so adds movement to otherwise static scenes.

Shooting and incorporating b-roll contextual video that supports your story brings a talking-head video to life. B-roll not only makes a video more interesting to watch, it adds a compelling visual element to your story. Even if it’s simply depicting your on-camera talent in a meeting or at a whiteboard, b-roll goes a long way toward enhancing both your subject and your message.

Using Multiple people in Your Video
This opens the door for to increasing engagement. Using your staff to tell the company story or their own story gives them a level of ownership of the brand. When you deliver a corporate message just using the C-suite you create a disconnect between the customer and the people at ground zero who will be delivering your product or service directly to the end user. Have others in your video to build trust with your employees, give your company a more human face, as opposed to just a brand logo and a CEO. Like the age old saying People buy from people, using video means you can enhance this proposition.

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